Opal is the Gemstone for Planet Venus. As per Vedic astrology the Planet Venus represents Romance , beauty , Love , charm, sex, modeling, Glamour Industry , File Industry , Fashion Industry , fine arts, cinema, movies, etc . Thus As per Vedic Astrology Opal Gemstone is worn to enhance the power of Planet Venus in a Persons Birth chart / horoscope.
Also it is Best recommended that persons who are running through the main Dasa or sub Dasa of Planet Venus Should also wear a Opal Gemstone. Opal Gemstone is also worn for personal charm of the wearer .

Since Opal is the Gemstone for Venus Planet with is the Karak for Love and Romance and happy married Life Thus as per Astrology one can also wean an OPAL Gemstone if a person is unhappy in Marriage or having troubles in married life or misunderstands with the spouse . Thus we can say that as per Astrology Opal can provide good solution for matters related to love relationships or marriage .

Opal gemstone is good for bestowing beauty, power for those in business Particularly in the Fashion / Glamour or Media Industry .

As per Astrology and the Science of Gemstone The Person wearing the Opal Gemstone finds happiness love, good fortune . In the Olden Times Opal gemstone was considered to be very effective for diseases of the eye. A Black opal is regarded as an extremely lucky stone. In ancient times opal was accepted as a symbol of faithfulness and confidence. It is that that wearing a Black Opal increases mental capacities and creative imagination. But This Gemstone Black Opal is Extremely rare and Also Expensive .

Wearing opal rings has known to prevent minor illnesses. When an opal is worn, this does not mean that you will not be able to contract any diseases but the opal will tell you if an illness is likely to occur because it will turn slightly darker or grey.

Opal is Also worn by Persons who are having Sleep Disorders and thus if you are constantly having nightmares or bad dreams, then you should wear an opal ring which will help you lessen the bad dreams and may help you with a Good Night sleep.


Black opal are beneficial for reproductive organs and help overcome depression.

White opal is beneficial in balancing the right and left hemispheres of brain. This thus provides the neuro stability.

Blue opal is for calmness and serenity. By wearing this you can relate yourself to nature for calmness. It also helps you to move on in life in aspite of any difficulties.

Green opal Fire Opals is worn to clean aura. It really rejuvenates you personally as well as emotionally.

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